In one of the strongest  retail sectors in the world which has spawned such benchmark companies as Crate  & Barrel, West Elm, Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn with their precision space planning & slide rule  store presentation, there is another homeware retailer whose apparently chaotic store  environment masks an equally shrewd commercial strategy.




Fish’s Eddy feeds the growing  appetite for vintage, individual cookware products as an antidote to modern mass  commercialism and product standardisation.

The company has grown from a raid on an  old china factory which offered a wonderland of sample plates, distressed and  odd pieces and unique seconds. The collection has grown with the addition of  cutlery, linens and an array of household jars, accessories and utensils.

Rather than dictate the  purchase to the customer – the number of pieces, the uniformity of the pack – Fish’s Eddy’s  store proposition is based around an eclectic “pic ‘n; mix”, an all pervasive ” mix ‘n’ match2 where the customer is free to  select across categories, styles, colours, periods, designs according to their  own whim and individual taste.

The freedom of expression is  mirrored beautifully in the vintage props and store fittings, the wonderfully  crafted messages painted lovingly on scraps of wood, or reclaimed tin signage,  and the distressed wooden store environment which provides the perfect shell for the wonders  that spill out over it, filling every surface with intrigue and  impulse.


fishs-eddy-digging-sauces fishs-eddy-digging-tools fishs-eddy-omni-channel-creaming