Home Successaries: Zara puts its House in Order

The attraction of Zara Home could never be denied for the fashion conscious householder with a desire to decorate their rooms with a stylish mix of distinctive design and a spectrum of colour basics.



In line with Inditex’s clothing concepts, Zara home combined eye catching image makers with a core assortment of products appropriate for most every taste. To this commercially heady concoction Zara has added authority and range, creating expansive coordinated collections with newness but not the unapproachable novelty often associated with it.

Against its blanket of trademark white, the subtlety of oranges, greens, blues and purples presents stunning assortments, combining a wider array of accessories from candles to coat hangers, vases to Venetian blinds.

Also gone is the confusion of multi-room coordination pitting bed against bath, living against kitchen, replaced by a new and comfortable natural order where every room can be gloriously coordinated or treated as an independent project.

With this clarity of concept, Zara Home now has a powerful purpose for its stylish offer, sure to attract the doubters of the past, welcoming them into its beautiful bright home.

zara-home-silver-successaries zara-home-coordinated-collections zara-home-beauty-frames

Do you have a natural and creative USP, with a distinctive style and personality?

But do you struggle to add the commercial parameters into your assortment to find the balance of image makers, basics and best sellers?


We have worked with a variety of apparel and home fashion retailers creating assortment structures that drive commercial performance but which also protect and celebrate the unique creative USP of the brand. For more information…


VM-unleashed monitors and celebrates best practice such as Zara Home, to advise our clients and make then more profitable.

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