No longer Whiter than White.


Invitations abound and temptations await around every corner as The White Company urges its customers to wallow in the beauty of its assortment and experience first hand the softness, the quality, the fineness and the sheer irresistability of its products.

A formal invitation seems hardly necessary with displays and imagery that compel the customer to touch and hold sculptured bottles of perfume, hand-made quilts, blankets woven from exclusive yarns and duvets filled with the finest downs. Far from hiding its beauty under a veil, White Stuff knows that only complete involvement with its products communicates its true value to the customer.

Actions speak louder than any words except maybe “Try me!”

white-company-dreaming in down  white-company-invitation  white-company-try-me

Are you missing a trick or two encouraging your customers to experience your products?
Which senses bring your product alive?