West Elm – Labs of Love: Where Style Begins at Home

Fashion comes & goes, but style last forever.


An intrinsic part of the West Elm proposition is the Design Lab in every store from Manhattan to Marylebone. And with an assortment built on timeless beauty combined with current looks and the latest materials why wouldn’t you trust West Elm to transform your humble abode into the talk of the neighbourhood?

For the independent minded there’s the top line advice on colours and fabrics, through to the bottom up support where taste, design, coordination, construction, decoration, management and installation are all part of the impeccable service. Credentials in tact, with local sourcing for a consummate international traveller.

Home is where the “art” is!

west-elm-design-lab-composite-parts  west-elm-design-lab-local-resources  west-elm-design-lab-suitable-setting

Are you lacking a little soul in your homewares?