Understated & Effortless: The White Company Eases into Comfortable Commercialism

Never was there such a natural manoeuvre than the one that has seen The White Company ease itself to the forefront of intimate, everyday comfort wear.



The worlds of sleep, home relaxation and selected socialising has created a quiet demand for soft, sensual and comfortable clothing that crosses the divide between personal and public adornment, with an injection of indulgence and casual convenience.

The White Company has built its relaxed and sizeable reputation in creating a range of home ware that is high quality, impeccable taste and as its name would suggest an assortment focused primarily on white with tasteful and commercially successful forays into pastels, greys and off-whites.

The proposition has evolved in the most natural way possible into bed linens and accessories, home fragrance, perfumes, ornaments, toiletries and sleepwear before the branching into the lucrative world of womens wear.

Step by gentle step the retailer is in no hurry to stretch its reputation beyond the loyalty tolerance of its traditional customer, acclimatising them gently to new possibilities and purchases that still carry the hallmarks of the brand loved and appreciated already by so many.

So put up your feet and warm yourselves softly to the slow burning phenomena that is the White Company.


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