Claiming the Wild Westfield: New Territories for TKMaxx

The TKMaxx expansion railroad shows no sign of slowing, let alone hitting the buffers, as its combination of fashion brands, low prices and dynamic assortment changes finds wider appeal and acceptance within the style sensitive streets of London, and now the expansive plains and diverse demographics of Westfield Stratford.



Whilst the unpredictability of the assortment, particularly the brand presence, has always been a positive pull creating the allure of an Aladdin’s Cave, the opportunities and challenges of a larger portfolio have stimulated the development of more structure and consistency both in the range itself, and the segmentation and display within the stores.

Fashion position and profiles have been promoted since the first London store with the now permanent presence of “Gold Label” featuring higher level, catwalk designer brands such as D&G and Iceberg, the “Contemporary” area houses a range of modern fashion forward labels whilst “MODBOX” is home to lesser known but trending brands from around the globe.

These fashion position areas, branded and labelled with love, continue to develop a stronger in-store-presence, and are complemented by more consistent categories creating defined destinations for each gender group including baby, toddler, toys and home.

Lingerie, accessories and footwear are equally displayed with increasing authority ensuring that no visit is now a waste of time but a perfect balance of expectation and exploration.

The empire expands through engagement, converting new evangelists to its unique proposition in every frontier town that the TKMaxx trailblazer encounters.

TKMaxx-wild-westfield-contemporary-signage TKMaxx-wild-westfield-gold-label TKMaxx-wild-westfield-modbox

Are you struggling to find the balance of expectation and exploration?

Is it time to re-examine that way you group and segment your assortment and present propositions from your customers’ perspective?


VM-unleashed has worked with a variety of brands and retailers helping to define the correct assortment segmentation, whilst developing in-store visual propositions appropriate for the customer.
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VM-unleashed monitors and celebrates best practice such as TKMaxx, to advise our clients and make then more profitable.

Maxximum Potential: TK Putting on the Style

TKMaxx- gold label

On the back of surging sales, TK Maxx plots its path to bargain brand domination with a central London flagship store in the heart of fashionista Covent Garden.

The selected assortment tailors to the trendy and the cash-strapped coveters of current labels. New to this store is the Goldlabel departments where only the very best premium brands rub shoulders literally with each other.

GoldLabel revels in an upscale store design with graphic wall bays, low density VM and vintage rails, whilst the whole store stands in splendid glory on wooden floors and bathes in the glow of intimate spotlighting.

Familiar to many, accessible to all and now attractive to a whole new demographic doyen.

TKMaxx Longacre interior  TKMaxx - gold label display  TKMazz - Longacre exterior

Is there another market outside your comfort zone?
Are the rewards worth the gamble of developing an alternative proposition?