Kaleidoscope Kiko: Colour with Confidence

The Kiko Kaleidoscope engulfs the assortment of sunglassed shoppers, adding sparkle and excitement, converting bright young things into dark heroines.



Colour blindness soon recedes to an appreciation of order and authority in regimented rows of ranges and categories coordinated and segmented by size, colour and collection. Kiko carefully controls its space avoiding the chaos that such a vibrant product range could create, overpowering the customer and sending them in rapid retreat to locations of dull salvation.

Walls present logical essential categories and accessories where ranges are relayed with simple packaging and ordered colour palettes, whilst the floor modules present the personality permutations, the possible personas afforded by the clever coordination of eyes, lips, nails and skin.

kiki-dark-heroine kiko-colour-entry kiko-packaged-up

In a world of oneness the steady growth of Kiko across international boundaries is certainly not one to be experienced from a safe distance.

Pantone Panettone: Colour Constellation

All Universes begin somewhere, but the Pantone System is certainly no white dwarf or lingering black hole but a creation of colour and light.



Turning the design process on its head Pantone has evolved its biblical colour spectrum from a step in the creative process to the inspiration behind it. Designers across the globe who have cherished their precious books, now have the opportunity to indulge in a rainbow assortment mixing & matching their favourite hues.

In the mood for a mellow yellow coffee, a blue conversation, or a seat in the white house advocates can buy coffee cups, mobile pouches, fold up chairs and a myriad of other everyday items in a colour to suit the mood of the day. Azzurri Italy is the epicentre of the current universe but expect a ray of golden, crimson, emerald or ochre sunshine to land near you soon, turning those cold greys decidedly warm.

pantone-colour-chairs pantone-intimate-display pantone-mugs-and-scent

Are you lacking a little colour in your own little world?