Retail & the Circular Economy: Square Pegs in a Round Whole?

Retailers can learn from the Circular Economy by becoming communities and not just sequences of job functionality. Positive actions & interactions stimulate others. Waste is minimised. Waste of resources, products and of time. And the waste of people – their energy, goodwill, knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm. I have to say that the concept of the “Circular Economy” is a rather recent discovery to me. Perhaps not the philosophy and the-

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Elvis & Kresse: Fighting Fashion Fire with Fire

Elvis & Kresse: Fighting Fashion Fire with Fire So much of the exciting retail scene of today is coming from people with a real passion. The passion is not necessarily for retail initially but comes as a natural evolution of a wider passion for a philosophy, for values and for life. Elvis & Kresse is one of those truly inspirational retail brands that you don’t come across every day. However,-

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“Commercial Retail” Overstocking & Under-Valuing the World?

The Daily Post:- 11th September “‘Commercial Retail”: Overstocking & Under-Valuing the World?”     I remember a comment from a best practice range review from some years ago. Having spent a couple of days reviewing the client’s own assortment and comparing with detailed visuals of best practice and competitor ranges, the chairman sighed and leaning back in his chair exclaimed “Who buys all this stuff?” At the time it was an-

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The Untold Riches of a Humble Past

In a strange and literal turn of events, and in part reaction to the fabricated financed world around us there has become a clamor for brands with true heritage, roots, tradition and history. In many ways the greater the brand heritage struggle, the deeper the hardship, the more humble the history then the more credible collateral a business has.   At the heart of this consumer desire is “trust.” Always-

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Brit Tops: Exemplorary Contemporary


Combining classic and contemporary thinking,

… is what Burberry Brit is all about. In boutique basements explore the icons from bygones that helped make Burberry the powerhouse brand of today. Traditional Trench with a twist, cool and customisable by button and breast, by colour and collar, lining and length to suit the coolest trend or trend the classic suit.

Intimate space supported by omni-present, every-channel ipads, at the service of the modern consumer in search of the style of yesteryear, stepping out into tomorrow’s brave new Burberry world.

britt-facade britt-mannequin-view br-tt-burbery-accessories

…how well do you blend the heritage of your past with the brave new world?