Creative Souls of Fashion@ ASOS’s Fashion Finders

The mother of online fashion becomes a cradle for the daughters of today’s trends and looks.



In the ASOS Fashion Finder what was editorial and schedules has become responsive and dynamic in what is becoming the most informative and engaging relationship between any retailer and its customers.

Revolutionising and re-mixing the magazine formula the retailer sets the broad calendar of fashion seasonality, events and trends mapping out the expansive landscape in readiness for its readers and buyers to populate it with ideas, creations favourites and inspirations.

The role and relationship between ASOS and its advocates is symbiotic and sophisticated as the contributors change hats between buyers and sellers, between creators and admirers and between passive browsers to dynamic contributors. ASOS gives the best contributors the exposure and opportunity to develop through several embryonic stages from Style Rookies to Rising Stars and beyond.

ASOS keeps a firm hold on commercially strategic content, but down to the second-by-second live fashion feed, this is a startling tribute and testament to the creativity of the consumer.


asos-fasion-finder.most-popular asos-fasion-finder-festival-look asos-fasion-finder-festival-look-fashions


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Primania: Primark’s Personal Promotion Machine

E-commerce is not for every retailer, but social marketing certainly is.



Primark has experimented with online selling in collaboration with ASOS, but with an average item value so low the economics just didn’t add up. So how can the Primark retail powerhouse engage with the digital world and sell to a wider audience?

Along comes Primania at the forefront of social sharing and social selling, in a digital model that is perfect for a mass market value performer, hell-bent on an international invasion across Europe and now to the US. Blurring the boundaries of retail, marketing, PR and advertising Primania combines the “available to all appeal” of its assortment with the endless appetite for self-promotion.

The idea is huge, but the concept simple as customers sign-in, creating their personal bios, and then upload themselves with their Primark fashions.


The social scenarios continue with looks and outfits favourite and scored, and also the opportunity for any budding fashionistas to propel their profile to the level of guru, followed and revered across the networks.

Primania is used as part of the Primark site, pruned back to latest looks, ethical credentials and store location, with Primania, like its protégées, the real stars of the Primark rollercoaster.


primania-elena-g primania-trend-alert primania-upload-outfit


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