From Foyles to Anthropology: The “Lure” of Eccentric retailing

From Foyles to Anthropology: The “Lure” of Eccentric retailing Last week, in a further example of market consolidation, the UK’s leading book retailer Waterstones bought up the Foyles bookstore business. This included the famous Charing Cross Road store, recently moved and re-furbished. The stories surrounding Foyles are no less than retail folklore. They help to explain its survival, the re-naissance of Waterstones and the revival of many independent book shops.-

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“Global Local Retailing” – Familiarity & Contempt in the Backyard

The Morning Post:- 14th March “Global Local Retailing” The combination of a powerful global brand with local creatives, craftsmen and manufacturers has to be a recipe for success in this international world with its ironically specific local tastes.   Passing through central London on an Oxford Street East to West route taking in the crisp morning air it seems that the better US brands have come to understand this assortment strategy better-

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Personally Speaking: Anthropology for the People

By name and now by nature, Anthropology is a retailer for the people. There may be more commercially obvious operators who adorn their assortment with monograms and a monotony of namesakes but Anthropology is carefully personalising its parchment, customising its cushions whilst maintaining its decidedly desirable approach to product design and display.   It’s beautifully created store adventures have occasionally focused on quirky categories displayed with boldness amidst the subtlety-

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Urban Inspiration: “Your Coolest friend’s new place!”


Wandering around Urban  Outfitters, for its customers, is like wandering around your coolest friend’s  new pad – their bedroom, their living room, their record collection, their kitchen and most importantly their wardrobe.



The defining attraction of Urban Outfitters is its distinct personality expressed through its often random but always eclectic mix of fashions, home accessories, music and novelties. It is impossible to resist  picking up things that you have not seen before or rediscovering old favourites that you just can’t help touching  again.

The total experience reflects the very  specific taste with innovative and unusual display techniques in a store environment which is all about curiosity and exploration. Store materials and fixtures are often unfinished or distressed giving a feeling of newness and anticipation.

That being said the Urban  Outfitters store is a successful commercial proposition which cleverly combines best selling and profitable lines with strategically selected curiosities, image makers and locally  sourced ranges appealing the regional taste. The brand mix is a careful balance of traditional good sellers such as Levis and Dockers and the more risky but eyecatching new brands which are the core of its proposition.

“Commerciality and novelty in a world of curiosity and exploration.” An inspiration for us all.


urban-outfitters-wall-of-inspiration urban-outfitters-journey-under-construction urban-outfitters-promotional-proposition