Time never stands still for Selfridges. The dawn of every day is reason enough to energise the store with new messages, products and brands to perpetuate its reputation as one of the world’s most exciting retail experiences.



When seasonality subsides for a second Selfridges fills the void with self-generated events bringing every aspect of its considerable assortment to the attention of its captive customers – amidst its Spring activities for Easter and Mother’s Day there was still ample time for a powerful collaboration with major fashion brands based around sustainable materials in fashionwear.

“Material World – What on earth are we wearing?” was delivered with formulaic precision using windows, store focal points, feature displays within departments down to individual brand displays and POS. A physical and emotional journey through 5 floors of fashion and the many intricate layers of fabric creation, manufacturer and design.

From the exotic Yak Hair of Tengri and the organic cottons of StudyNY, the recycled plastics of Dick Moby to the traditional wool techniques of Le Kilt, the secret world of garments is brought to life for our benefit and the good of our lives in general.

Selfridges, always spinning a good yarn at the epi-centre of a world of sustainable fashion brands.

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The retail experience never stops even for those more mortal than the retail phenomenon that is Selfridges. All retailers should have their own worlds of assortment and brand secrets, ready for the opportunity to shout and communicate them to the customer.

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