Sitting Pretty: John Lewis gets Materialistic

Sitting Pretty on the crest of the omni-channel retail wave John Lewis continues to be a master at combining the strengths of the past with the opportunities of the future.



Sometimes exemplified on a substantial scale as in the mammoth overhaul of its operational structure for cross-channel availability and delivery, sometimes seen through delicate detailing as in its stunningly simple wireless headphone windows, it seems this most traditional of brands always has a new idea or two up its crisply creased sleeves.


A fine and innovative example of this forward thinking phenomena are the new seated focal points finding their way into those most hallowed grounds of haberdashery and upholstery. Still a carefully trod destination and an accumulation of considerable sales, to many modern customers this strange world of beautiful fabrics, drapes and décor, twines and cottons is understandably a step too far.

However these new carousels of kitsch, these sumptuous centrefolds of chic, invite the unfamiliar to take a break, to indulge themselves in the social technology rituals of the day whilst absorbing the bestselling colours and most desirable fabrics, the touch and feel of this great retail heritage.

In bedlinen they bring to life the latest duvet designs, pillow decoration and bedroom décor combinations, in furniture the finest fabrics and most popular patterns for sofas and stools both bespoke and mass market branded.

Wherever located these powerful visual statements position themselves always as ambassadors between the possibilities from a glorious past and the modern needs of the largely uninitiated, who slowly but surely are drawn into a world of new design and décor opportunities. John Lewis take a bow.

john-lewis-sitting-pretty-opulent-surroundings john-lewis-sitting-pretty-classic-creation john-lewis-sitting-pretty-floral-flourish


Many retailers fail to make the most of what they have, both physical and emotional, as they embark on wide-of-the-mark strategies to attract customers through their doors. Bringing brands intelligently and innovatively to today’s customer is the key to retaining branding integrity whilst building sales.

VM-unleashed advises brands and retailers on how to create stores that maximise their historical strengths but in a way that is relevant to the customer of today.

Is your brand caught between the future and the past rather than spanning the decades?

Are you lacking innovation in the interpretation of your assortment?


Let VM-unleashed help you realise new horizons…

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