Retail Design Expo: Thanks for listening to the Future of Visual Merchandising

Many thanks to the organisers of the Retail Design Expo at Olympia this week.

Particular thanks to all the people who turned up to here me speak about “Why Visual Merchandising is so important in helping to solve so many of retails current problems?”


tim-radley presents-visual-merchandising-the-answer-to-our-retail-problems

It was great to see a packed room, as there were for many of the presentations. And by the reaction and comments from the audience afterwards there is clearly an appetite to learn more about Visual Merchandising and its evolving integration with the other disciplines of retail.

Some of the main recommendations from my speech were:

  • Focus on product “Forget product and forget VM!”

  • Focus on people “Forget people and forget VM!”

  • Fully integrate VM with other disciplines at the risk of becoming isolated

  • The need to react to the unpredictability of modern retail

  • Work with a wider variety of store formats and concepts

  • Be flexible with an ever more dynamic and illusive assortment

  • Balance “Compliance with Education!”

  • Don’t be driven by technology but use it to solve problems

  • Use remote technology to bring retail teams together


For those of you who attended.

If you would like to receive a transcript of the presentation with recommendations on important actions to take then just drop me an e-mail.

See you all next year…