By name and now by nature, Anthropology is a retailer for the people. There may be more commercially obvious operators who adorn their assortment with monograms and a monotony of namesakes but Anthropology is carefully personalising its parchment, customising its cushions whilst maintaining its decidedly desirable approach to product design and display.



It’s beautifully created store adventures have occasionally focused on quirky categories displayed with boldness amidst the subtlety and seduction. From door knobs to decorations, personalised purses to monogrammed mugs these areas of authority now have additional appeal and engagement.

The message writ bold and clear is that even the most eclectic retailers need to find time and space to pander to the clamour for commerciality. How you deliver this customer connection takes us from the destination dazzle of Disney, through the jangle of Juicy Couture, the impulse anatomy of Tiger to the subtle signatures of Anthropology.

Writing your name on the hearts, minds and memorabilia of your customers need not necessarily be an obstacle to an eclectic brand but more an endearing engagement of personal significance.

anthropology-mugshots anthropology-decoration-nation anthropology-hook-and-crook


Are you maximising the opportunity of personalisation?

Is your customisation contradicting or complementing your brand image?

VM-unleashed has experience with a number of brands and retailers developing all aspects of assortment structure planning including impulse products and personalisation.

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