Penneys from Heaven: In Dublin Fair City, Girls are so Pretty

No excuse for any girl not to look her best with the recent multi-million refurbishment of Penneys in central Dublin.



For Penneys in Ireland read Primark for the rest of us, but the fashion, fun and fabulous prices are familar to all. However here Penneys show another facet with the structural work not only creating a striking escalator and lift well but also used to open up original ironwork and glass roofing that add unexpected character and charm to an operator admired for its ruthless commercialism.


pennys-dublin-store-blue-elevator pennys-dublin-store-denim-and-co pennys-dublin-store-suitable-menswear-space

For low prices, don’t read low value, in an environment fit for the kings and queens of Dublin.


I'm Tim Radley and I started VM-unleashed! in 2007, and as the one who makes most of the decisions, and does most of the work, then I guess that makes me the Managing Director. I've now been doing this sort of thing for over 20 years now, so hopefully i know my way around the retail block ...but hey, what do I know?

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