Find your way to the top storey of Nike on Oxford Street and find the Nike+ Club, a haven for all things feminine.



As the tourist throng recedes floor by floor the atmosphere here is rarified, intimate and inviting. Nike leads the field in womens fitness and time spent here re-enforces not just the technical clothing, the customised shoes, the exclusive training gear in limited edition World Cup colours but a whole world of intereaction and engagement with its customers that leaves other retailers trailing behind.

The Nike+ Club is present is several flagship stores from nearby Covent Garden to the further outposts of Nike UK from Manchester to Glasgow, but here in London’ heart it finds its most defined incarnation.


Nike + Club is built around Running, with weekly classes from the stores entrance through the streets of Central London, like a spiders web unfurling its latex ambassadors across a range of routes for all abilities.

Oxford Circus supplements running with a variety of services and classes from Yoga to technical clothing fitting, and a running assessment centre to find the right shoe for you.

What Nike Club represents, more than the proverbial “third place” is an environment to relax and explore where taking part is most important and “first place” is reserved for all.


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