Whether you know the name, the un-missable, unmistakable signature leaf pattern of Orla Kiely runs rampantly through most people’s lives like a real life creeper casting its colours and shapes on everything from stationery to lamp shades, from linen to laptop cases. The pattern evokes in its simplicity the sunny retro days of seventies consumerism and way beyond the distant days when we never knowingly had it so good.



This unique trademark from the textile trellis literally has a home in London’s Covent Garden, not only a place to unfurl on unfurnished walls, but to be presented in it’s full glory with a supporting ensemble of furniture, fittings and home fixtures cast from the same signature mould.

As a testament to bygone days the store abounds not only with the leaf design, but plainer elements reflecting familiar composite colours as well as complementary designs each evoking with their simplicity of shape and subdued hues those same decades of consumer creativity.

Every room is given in equal measure the makeover treatment, oven gloves and baking tins from Orla’s kitchen origins, bedlinen, to toiletries and towers of towels and even to the watering cans of the garden shed, appropriately adorned with the most natural of designs winding its way through the heart strings of the home counties and beyond.

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