Rules of Engagement: Game Changing Louis Vuitton

Not for the first time, it has taken a traditional brand to demonstrate how new technology and social engagement can enhance a reputation, communicate a product line and win over the hearts of both new and old alike, with humour, interaction and fun.



To promote its collection of leather cases for iphone, pads and books the brand has gone back to the heritage of computer games into the memories of its core customer, adding a new touch and freshness that will appeal to the sons and daughters of the rich & famous. In a combination of space invaders and video tennis Loius Vuitton uses cases as spacemen, destroyed at will in the defence of good taste and beautiful products.

The landing page is, as ever, beautifully created with a demonstration video, product information and of course the game itself in three levels of difficulty. This is not child’s play, but Louis Vuitton makes the game of social engagement look easy as it sweeps to victory in the power world of luxury brands.

louis-vuitton-game-instructions louis-vuitton-insert-phone louis-vuitton-home-page


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