Exeter Stage Left: High Drama at John Lewis

Five floors of experimental retail in a multi-channel world lands in the quiet city of Exeter.


The store is a hybrid concept, laying as it does between the traditional department store and the specialists home stores of the brand. The format lives for hotspots and focal points driving traffic and excitement between and through floors. The escalator wells provide enticing drama at the front of every floor from rows of mannequins, seaonal displays, hot brand areas and showcases for the new Home value range.

Within the floor layout showcase assortments give representation to each department, with key categories displayed with a little more drama that the traditional department store format. Reduced assortment is complemented by the many internet stations, stimulating the customer to explore the wider range, supplement their store purchases online and take advantage of the next day, click and collect.

Where trend has often faltered, the queen of tradition sails serenely into the brave new world of retail.

john-lewis-hybrid-store-exeter-home  john-lewis-hybrid-store-exeter-internet-terminal  john-lewis-hybrid-store-exeter-toiletries

Never get too old to learn new tricks…
Do you need help adapting to the brave new world?


  1. Rich Hernandez

    Thanks for a great site!!!
    In regards to the John Lewis hybrid test- I love the direction.
    Feature the best of the best, create mini drama departments and displays to attract customers, create interactivity with terminals- all great ideas.
    I have always been impressed with John Lewis stores from a consumer perspective- very clean, and very shopper friendly. They have created destinations to promote assortment and their brand. It will be interesting to see where this test moves to next.

    • Hi Rich
      J Lewis are set to expand this hybrid format into places such as Chelmsford and Heathrow which will be fascinating
      what makes this all possible is that JL have become 2nd to none in Omni-channel which makes the hybrid store work
      keep coming there are lots of entries on j lewis in next week
      also try this link to see how their brand clicks
      thanks for comments
      keep coming back and spread the word

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