E-Rapha-lite Movement: The Art of Cyber-Cycling

The true omnichannel customer experience embraces and evolves every touchpoint. It makes the customer dream and aspire, reassures their concerns, educates their knowledge and supports them before, during and after every purchase, from their first purchase. Rapha does all of that and more.



Rapha is the yellow jersey of cycling branding, king of the multi-channel mountains and the sprint king of content management and customer engagement. In the peloton of professional competitors, every corner is covered, every breakaway anticipated as Rapha builds an enviable position as every cyclist’s aspirational accomplice.

The website communicates a genuine passion for cycling from the sponsorship of world famous teams to the evolution and development of events and races for everyone from the enthusiastic amateur, to the aspiring professional. Blogs, videos, interviews and competitions are all harnessed as the brand illustrates its journey on the road to designing and building some of the most innovative equipment on the market and allows their customers to rub shoulders and saddles with the giants of the sport.

With a team of tens of thousands, cyber-cycling becomes a commercial reality, in the trusted hands of Rapha.


rapha-cyber-cycling-the-proper-kit rapha-cyber-cycling-festive-500 rapha-cyber-cycling-pro-cycling

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