Tim Radley, presenting at the Digital Signage & Interactive Solutions Summit

8-45 a.m. – 24th September

Radisson Blu Hotel, London Stansted


Looking forward to speaking at this very interesting summit on Digital Signage and the Store Experience. It’s a very relevant subject for retailers so hoping to set out the main issues, benefits and pitfalls with the opening presentation of the conference.

Look forwards to see you there, bright & early!


The Impact of Digital Signage: Disrupting the Traditional Store Design Model


Whilst creativity, imagination and technical possibilities have grown impressively over recent times, the store design process can still be mired in traditional hierarchies and processes.

The store interior has generally been regarded as 2 parts.

There is the store structure including lighting, flooring, materials and general fixtures & fittings. These elements are more permanent and expensive and as a result are not easy to change after a store has been completed even if there is a will to do so.

Secondly, we have the dynamic content of the store that includes the product itself with visual merchandising responsible for display. We also have graphics and POS as well as events.

Traditional barriers

These 2 areas traditionally have been the responsibility of completely different parts of a retail business, and in worst cases with little communication between them. As a result, we often see stores where the structure and the content are at odds with each other.

Apart from the responsibilities, because of the relative costs the permanent look is there to stay and can become dated and tired. The dynamic POS and signage are cost-effective to change but the quality can be poor and distract from the store design.

Both permanent & dynamic

The potential benefit digital signage can bring is to create the “design” of the store as well as the promotional message. In this way we can create a hierarchy of placement of screens.

In effect digital technology can be both permanent & dynamic. This equals a previously impossible cost-effective solution for store design.

New collaborations & processes

Of course, the correct strategy, store planning and content development of a signage hierarchy requires new collaborations during and after the store design process.

However, in such scenarios the imaginative and practical use of digital signage can also have positive impacts on people and processes as well as the visual delivery of the store. Food for digital thought.

So, come along to the summit and here more about Store Atmosphere as well as the other benefits of digital signage…

  • Brand promotion
  • Community interaction
  • Customer analytics
  • Staff training


See you there…

Tim Radley: MD of VM-Unleashed Ltd

“Digital Signage and its role in today’s store design, customer experience and the wider digital retail world’

See you at the summit