Since 1964 Habitat has been adorning the houses and apartments of design-minded Europeans consistently stylish in an ever changing world of taste whilst weathering its own personal storms as it passed from its visionary founder Sir Terence Conran through several corporate reincarnations until settling recently in the Sainsbury’s stable.



And so to Nine Elms in the increasingly attractive and desirable district of Vauxhall, where Habitat emerges as part of a brand new 9000sqm superstore, with its own shop-in-shop, as literally a shining light, a burst of colour and creativity amongst the aisles and gondolas of greens and groceries.

Amongst these unusual surroundings Habitat is instantly recognisable and familiar through the timeless elegance, practicality and ingenuity of its designs and décor, whilst Sainsbury’s has evolved a home from home that perfectly portrays the proud brand but with a freshness and vitality that sits well within the skin of its new environment.

Classic categories are delivered with true authority, with a boldness of display, combining commercial favourites, staple essentials and a sprinkling of 21st century sparkle to deliver an assortment beautiful balanced for image, inspiration and economic success.

Destination lighting walls set the upbeat mood illustrating how the brand has watched, listened and learned its lessons of survival from the super-successful superstores of the modern home furnishings market, whilst strategically succumbing to the temptations to add its own selective twists of taste, form & function.

The result is a marriage made in heaven where the bold economics of a sensitive retailer show the potential to embrace the heritage, history and ambition of one of the UKs much loved brands and propel this exciting new partnership with new purpose into the lucrative lands of stylish suburbia.


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All retail brands are striving to evolve and develop their customer relationship and with the wider world beyond where the dynamics of taste and loyalty continue to change with increasing speed and unpredictability.

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