Selfridges opens its biggest ever department, Body Studio, encompassing everything that is exciting and inspirational about London’s leading department store.



Never the laggard Selfridges is ahead of the trend as its manoeuvres gracefully to gain a fitness foot hold in the fastest growing area of fashion – Athleisure. The department brings together an intimate experience, despite its many metres, catering for everything feminine from lingerie, nightwear and seasonal swimwear, through fitness, yoga and exercise to casual comfort wear.

As always the assortment is a veritable feast, or in this case forage, of feminine brands from across the style spectrum, all on their own personal journeys into the world of womens’ wind-down time, the commerciality of couch wear, the liquidity of loungewear, the opportunity of athleisure.

The lifestyle location is complete with a relaxing restaurant for a beautiful inside, and hair studio and beauty bars for that healthiest of afterglows.

In true Selfridges tradition this intimate moment is accompanied not only with a fanfare of fun, but also the peace of pilates classes in the enclosed workout area, discussions and deliberations on the benefits and ills of the wellbeing world, fitness food demonstrations, intimate events and personal shopping as only Selfridges knows how.

The world of the wellbeing woman is satisfied the Selfridges way.


selfridges-body-studio-an-attention-to-duty selfridges-body-studio-intimate-surroundings selfridges-body-studio-a-parallel-universe


Many retailers are making their way into the lucrative area of loungewear from a variety of directions from their positions as specialists in lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, sports fashion, home furnishings, beauty & cosmetics.

The overriding brand messages arch over the assortment expansions communicating those same trusted values of care, comfort, indulgence and personal pleasure.

In such as growing market many other brands still have the opportunity to develop strategically and stealthily into these new pastures green.

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