In a sector well overdue for its service, a new arrival in the market is taking off the handbrake on retail innovation and hurtling headlong into the comfortably parked parade of traditional car show-rooms.



In partnership with Hyundai, no slouch off the starting blocks itself, the Rockar dealership has introduced its first omni-channel experience into Bluewater Shopping Centre,  steering directly for the high traffic of one of Europe’s busiest shopping centres, under the navigation of Dalziel & Pow one of Europe’s most renowned design agencies.

The result is an automotive immersion. The interior is encased by 24 digital screens that involve the customer in an emotive experience communicating everything from the Hyundai history to the proposition and brand values, from the portfolio of cars to every design detail from the glistening glow of alloy wheels to the personal preferences of pearlescent paints. This dynamic adornment keeps the space in a permanent state of relevance, permanently primed for maximum customer engagement.

And so down to business and interactive modules allow the customer to select and cost their ideal car solution and even order online directly, and in complete isolation from the unwelcome advances of the classic showroom salesman.

Alternatively, and strategically located at the back of the store, a friendly face or two of the so called “Angels”, selected from a service background rather than an automotive one, are there to help the prospective customer through every step and twist and high-speed turn of the buying process. Even in an omni-channel world this final friendly interaction is still an essential stage for most customers to cross over the final finish line of commitment and onto the podium of purchasing.

The store remains a brand beacon for as long as the Bluewater bulbs cast their bright lights on the late-night lingerers. The first third of the store complete with screens and display car is always open to curious passers-by, just a further mobile minute away from additional inspiration and information.

The roads to the ever more available omni-channel world are bringing the Hyundai highway to everyone’s drive. The “Angels” may be made in heaven, the cars in Korea, but Rockar cars will soon be available to buy in a shopping centre near you.

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