Better late than never Argos, the seasoned survivor of the catalogue age, continues to catapult its perfect proposition for the omni-channel world from its pre-historic paper origins into the efficiencies of a digital dynamo



The latest Argos incarnation discards not only the traditional catalogues encapsulated in plastic, its pens & pencils, its paper order forms, even the instant availability checkpoints, but now also every evidence of the product itself.

This white-washed world relies completely on digital screens both small and large to project, promote and proliferate the myriad product propositions that lay hidden within the shrouded stockrooms and distant warehouses of its sophisticated supply chain. This digital dilemma, this technological test, to realise a response from the invisible assortment.

The simplicity of the showroom devoid of distractions is intent on allowing the customer to focus fully on the purchase process from touch terminal, to order, to payment point at the still present physical tills. The true test is the interface itself, the adjacencies and architectures that allow the customer to assess the assortment, cognate the buying criteria, to focus on the fundamental buying decisions and the ability to inspire through a square foot of pixelated plastic screen.

As part of an integrated omni-channel operation this slimmed-down, pixel thin version of its traditional catalogue stores and product showrooms, has a part to play for the time-pressed shopper with a planned purchase priority.

The Argos re-incarnation accelerates.


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