The Morning Post:- 17th March
“What’s the real cost of retail store discipline”

On a benchmarking tour of value retailers this week I found my initial curiosity and enthusiasm slowly but surely drained as I was repeatedly faced with dull store interiors, poor lighting, dirty shelves, torn graphics, display chaos and in some instances such a scarcity of staff that I could have used happily bedded down for a few hours without fear of being disturbed.

The point is not about or indeed restricted to low price or discount retailers, but about the intrinsic value of basic store disciplines.

What is the relative cost of implementing and enforcing store disciplines against the undeniably but hidden cost to a business of diminished customer traffic and eroded sales?

The fact is that no customer, or in deed sales personnel, should have to endure unclean and untidy stores for any price…not even the lowest price. And customers are realising this as they begin to experience low price opportunities which offer pleasant environments and helpful staff.

Literally the shining light is a retailer called Home Bargains, a highly profitable retailer with low prices, well-bought commercial assortments, clean and commercial store layouts and a team of staff actively stocking shelves, re-merchandising displays and dealing with customer enquiries.

Unlike its value counterparts Home Bargains is buzzing with customers and staff in a lively atmosphere that encourages customers to explore and to buy.

So for sure staff costs will be higher but the rewards are clearly manifold, the result of a mentality where the importance total profit trumps the short sighted view of profit per item sold.

Good store disciplines literally speak volumes for value retailers.


Of course good store disciplines are a reflection of a deeper business culture. Not only are the stores more engaging at Home Bargains, the staff are clearly happier, the assortment more commercially focussed and the promotions clearer and more attractive.

Healthy mind, healthy body – Home Bargains!





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