Retail Workshops

Interactive Retail Workshops

Retail workshops are an excellent use of time. Whether a single day or a couple of days they are an excellent use of your valuable time.

Believe me, I know how difficult it can be to get a group of people from across senior management though to operational specialists and shop teams together in a room, but this is one of the benefits of retail workshops. They are such a rich opportunity not to be missed as they stimulate discussion from across the divides of retail functions and internal business agendas.

We create a structure and an environment for participants to exchange concerns, ambitions, and ideas, to arrive at collaborative decisions, strategic objectives, and to plan for operational deliverables.

New retail businesses-interactive workshops

A catalyst for business improvements

If it takes an external partner to be the catalyst. To plan, organise, guide, and stimulate the contributions then so be it because the output will be worth its weight in retail gold.

I have carried out retail workshops across the globe. Clients teams and myself have worked our way through many of the elements known to retail. We have discussed issues ranging from developing & delivering better physical shops, improving operations, integrating channels, to buying more commercial assortments, evolving agile organisational structures, and training dynamic and engaged employees.

Please download our bespoke retail workshop overview…

Bespoke retail workshop content

The content creation, scheduling, exercises and interactions are all flexible. They will be tailored to your needs.

Shop format – flagship, neighbourhood, convenience pop-up

Physical location planning

Shop grading & clustering

Retail hub gross space planning

Buying & merchandising

Assortment structure planning

Flexible space planning and allocation

Shopper paradise environmental design

Product allocation

Product story segmentation & display

Visual merchandising

Visual communication

Digital signage & display

Events and promotional delivery

Service area functionality & design

Shopping ‘Golden Triangles’

Stock rooms and storage allocation

Store operations, schedules & routines

Staffing and operations technology

Click&collect/omni-service area design

Staff area space allocation – office, hospitality, omniservices

Community engagement planning

Community space design

Business space strategies

Retail hub partnerships & collaborations

Logistics, distribution & delivery planning

Shop teams skills planning

Shop colleague training, learning & development

Discovering your brand

In all retail workshops we have discussed and even discovered together the illusive meaning of the ‘brand.’ For each business, we have integrated their unique and distinct “Meaning in the Retail Madness” into action plans across functions.

If you want to organise and deliver your own retail workshops, that’s great. I’m happy to help you come to that conclusion through an informal chat. I’m always happy to share some important tips and guidance to help you make a success of it.

Retail workshop collaborations

If you decide that a workshop would be a valuable catalyst for your wider objectives, and you would like it externally planned and delivered by ourselves, then be assured that our assistance will be appropriate, workable, collaborative and affordable to achieve your goals.

We will begin with our own informal workshop discussion to ensure that what is delivered is entirely what you need.

So, if you want to start the ‘retail workshop’ ball rolling, please get in touch. I would be happy to share with you some typical formats and agendas.

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