White Stuff, the purveyor of distinctive quality fashion has found a home. Its new concept store is modelled on a 2-storey Edwardian house complete with majestic flowing staircase, authentic wooden floor tiles, grand open fireplaces with festive stockings, and more ornaments and implements than you would usually expect in even the most, not so average, abode.



However this is no mere historical recreation, but a store stuffed full of the individual identity that marks the brand out from the packed playing field of mid-market merchandisers. On the upper floor the privileged peruser can witness a men’s casual wall adorned with retro metros and other replica cars, maintenance manuals from yester year, original TVs filled with leather footballs, and display walls propped up with manly memorabilia from an age gone by.

Equally attractive women’s wear is adorned with creative paperwork carefully torn from a thousand bestsellers, precariously perched towers of t-cups on tiny shelves, and an entrance hall with a wonderful world of window frames.

White Stuff has made a considerable journey in every aspect of its retail itinerary and this latest neighbour to over ninety deliberately distinct stores creates the perfect setting for an assortment with combines colour statements, quality comfort, idiosyncratic adornments and a new array of jewellery, accessories, seasonal gifts and children’s winter wear.

The White Stuff Home is now firmly on the map, welcoming everyone from its established advent visitor, to newer and younger fascinated faces, through to the simply curious and those in search of an unexpected warming hot drink where local charities benefit from voluntary contributions.

White Stuff has come home so if you’re in the vicinity be sure to visit to receive a decidedly warm welcome.


white-stuff-warm-welcome-gorgeous-gifting white-stuff-warm-welcome-window-wonderland white-stuff-warm-welcome-rainbow-fashions


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