Visual Merchandising: The answer to all our retail problems?

Visual Merchandising: The answer to all our retail problems?

Forthcoming presentation at London’s Retail Design Expo

Olympia, London: Wednesday March 11th – 2pm


A big question often requires us to go back to basics. In this case we should really explore what Visual Merchandising is today and what it offers retail businesses, and then go on to explore what the problems are that retail faces today?

Are the two compatible?


Whilst we may all have our own definitions of what visual merchandising is, the reason for its very existence is product. The selling process of bringing product and customers together, and should we ever lose sight of this then we lose sight of visual merchandising.

Within this relationship VM serves its purpose by being the solution to a number of questions that revolve around the display of product in a retail store.

VM-unleashed! has been helping retailers answer these fundamental questions.

  1. What product to have in stores?
  2. How much product should we have in our stores?
  3. How should we group and segment it?
  4. How should we display it?
  5. How do we communicate and sell our product?

And the most important question of all for each retailer. How do we make VM work in our businesses, with what people, what processes and what tools?

That dilemma has changed over the last half century and is being stretched to the limit in today’s retail environment…


Come and listen to me speak about how Visual Merchandising has grown and evolved to face the challenges of today’s retail world, the VM toolbox that is required and whether technology is a help or a hindrance.

I am Tim Radley, founder of VM-Unleashed! and I will be speaking at the Retail Design Expo event at Olympia, London on Wednesday 11th March at 2pm.

I look forwards to meeting you there and answering your particular retail and VM questions. Many thanks and see you there.