Proposition Primark: Added-value retailer

Even the lowest prices in the world command detailed scrutiny when it comes to value for money.



Whilst an advised adornment, a prudent personalisation, or an essential embellishment can turn an anonymous basic into a soaring best-seller, an equally ill-judged adjustment can make even the most miserly mark-up a step too far for the discerning masses. Whilst Primark maintains its low price proliferation, it has equally expended a serious amount of energy in judging what makes its assortment sing for its adoring fans.

Identifying what’s important to its customers has allowed Primark to adorn its products with a dazzling array of added-value touches. Strategically located linings and logos, sub-brand developments and label de-lineaments, fashion details and functional features, precisely promoted and cleverly communicated add points to margins, and slices to sales. Points proven as top marks add up to a winning bottom line.

primark-fully-lined primark-waistband-enhancement primark-watch-your-back

From adoration to adornment, Primark’s perfect process has them singing all the way to the added-value bank.

Stand & Stare: Pull & Bear Take to the Road


The anti-corporate momentum builds…


as recognised brands balance the safety of recognition and loyalty with the excitement of individual assortments, personal enhancements and store environments that look like they come off the back of a lorry rather than the end of the corporate conveyer belt.

Pull & Bear, from the biggest brand house about, have a new store, urban and improvised, re-stressed and distressed. The logo is viewed through the glass blocked windows of the municipal shelter, whilst tiles and timbers, the remnants of a ruined landscape, are used to create the tables, fixtures and focal points.

The assortment is mixed with originality, imagination and unusual juxtapositions away from historical categories, whilst unit depth, table piles and the order of colour and fashion position are all for experimentation for the pleasure of the modern customers delectation. The abandoned Beetle drives a solitary path through brand convention as this innovative emporium tests the limits of brand conformity, and the battle for loyalty enters an ever more familiar territory.

pull-bear-jeans-bar pull-bear-vw-shoes pull-bear-womenswear

…is your brand stuck in your corporate past, or responding to customer trends and forcing the market with innovative store environments and creative customer engagement?


VM-unleashed has worked with retailers to develop commercially based but innovative store environments.

Splendid Isolee: Courting the In-Crowd

The re-invention of the department store, a place that selects the best from the rest, finds another incarnation in the distinctly desirably shape of Isolee.



A generation on from the ground-breaking Colette, beckoning the Parisian partisan into a world of the coolest brands – the bijoux boutique, beauty emporium and couture cafe combination shows no sign of fading from the stylish streets of Europe.

Housed on 3 floors the basement beauty hall is home to both recognised and unusually attractive names like the fabled Aesop with its naturally Australian ingredients. Fashion injections are restricted to a handful of appropriate brands from Belstaff to Puma where the only criteria for inclusion are current coolness and an attraction to the discerning set.

The upper floor is home to household adornments, leisure and lifestyle accessories, and the icing on this highly decorated cake – the cafe and discrete delicatessen appealing to the particular taste that is the clientele of up-town Madrid.

isolee-clothing-angle isolee-cosmetics-emporium isolee-crazy-craving

Crowning Glory: The Peoples’ Princess takes a Bow

Informality and innovation serenade this seasons arrival into the world of Spanish speciality fashion.



No standing on ceremony for Si Reina whose distressed displays and stripped back shell are the antipathy of pristine pedestals and perfect presentations. However this store has no shortage of admirers, attracted by the femininity and fashion touches of a well-conceived collection for that age in the adolescent journey between girlhood and the gilded guardians of adult fashion.

First impressions provide ample evidence of the endearing nature of this brand, with entrances framed with the delicate touch of flower vases leading into the drama of distressed displays of pastel flower pots and picture frames, a poignant picture of innocence lost. A ceiling of coloured Pom-Poms echoes the last days of childhood leading the next generation into a carefully prepared world of fashion fascination.

How is your coming of age as a retailer?


si-reina-comfort-shopping si-reina-table-boxing la-reina-royal-crest

Breaking the Mould: Camper’s Creative Footprint

Original DNA, the USP of Camper, pervades every inch of the customers’ experience, maximising every foot with fun and flamboyance.



Step into Serrano to see the retailer cleverly communicate both democracy of choice as well as the celebration of the individual that earmarks the timeless Pelotas, the ingenious Twins, as milestones on Camper’s road to genuine uniqueness.

The stores walls house a thousand monochrome moulds where colour, texture and shape homogenise into a senseless setting, against which the detail, design and vibrant personality of this seasons sellers scream for attention amidst the silence.  The parade is complete with a stand-off between today’s table displays and the whitewashed walls of yesteryear.

A sensation for the senses where Camper creates a tantalising tension between its footwear physiologies.


camper-breaking-the-mould camper-table-mountain camper-wall-of-fame-options