Digital Signage Summit ’18: Tim Radley “Creating Store Atmosphere!”

Tim Radley, presenting at the Digital Signage & Interactive Solutions Summit 8-45 a.m. – 24th September Radisson Blu Hotel, London Stansted Looking forward to speaking at this very interesting summit on Digital Signage and the Store Experience. It’s a very relevant subject for retailers so hoping to set out the main issues, benefits and pitfalls with the opening presentation of the conference. Look forwards to see you there, bright-

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Sitting Comfortably: Pinterest inside the Hollister Jeans Lounge

In hot pursuit to retain its loyal customers and to move with them through the years of maturity, Hollister has injected a new air of authority in to its assortment and a higher flavour of fashion, defining as it develops a new more discerning customer who is no longer appeased or appealed to by the simple shapes and bold fonts.


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Adolescent Authority: Hollister Sitting Comfortably?

Throughout its formative years Hollister has kept its teenage target enthralled and captivated with a brand built on the dazzling if distant images of Huntingdon beach and the various surf scenery of California.   A staple diet of bold logos and textured contextual graphics on a classic range of timeless best seller silhouettes from hoodies to Ts, sweatshirts to shorts has created a magnetic appeal, re-enforced by the ambient atmosphere-

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And the Brand played on…merchandise and music in several movements.

And the Brand played on…merchandise and music in several movements.     Whether composing displays or composing ditties, coordinating the blues, or singing them, the artistic side of retail life has invariably struggled to make its musical ends meet. “Art for Art’s Sake Money for God’s sake” are a relevant, if somewhat dated testament to the dilemma of coordinating creativity & commercialism, and also a timeless reminder of the long-

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