Lush Pastures New: More than Merely Cosmetic

Simply as a concept Lush began its life as one of the most innovative and exciting brands ever conceived. In a world of copycats and unsubtle insurgents it’s easy to forget that the idea of tasty toiletries dressed up as fresh fayre, chalk-boards championing cosmetic concoctions and bath-bombs transforming every aquatic adventure all came first from the land of Lush.   If the familiar concept is more akin to a-

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Hidden Benefit: Beauty on a Different Level


Something beautiful happened on the way to Carnaby Street.


Benefits abound in this destination cosmetic store which hides its beauty bushel beneath the streets of London. The inviting staircase leads to the hidden delights of the basement bars. From brows to nails, from body waxing and spray tanning to blow drying and champagne sipping no bar is too high.

Whether its bubbles on the lips or fizz on the face this beauty basement promises to be the destination of choice for pampering parties, corporate calming or just some personal preening below the cut and thrust of Carnaby, the sights and sounds of Soho.

benefit-beautiful-furniture benefit-champagne-bar benefit-windows