Stradivarius makes its first public performance in the biggest venue in town, Westfield Stratford, as the Inditex family sends forth another member making “bridgeheads” and “inroads” into the UK mainland.



As with all consummate professionals Stradivarius can’t fail to impress and delight its audience as it pitches the high notes of current fashion, with the commercial rhythm of bestsellers, to the vibrant beat of the fashion basic base line.

The beauty of the new Stradivarius Concept is in the lack of brashness and bling, instead a shopping experience of tasteful execution, a blend of homely comforts, urban edge and timeless soul.

The store is simply segmented into three decisive movements. First the new, the surprise, an overture that heralds in the seasons head-turners with a rhythmic wall section and the straddling tables complete with signature Stradivarius silhouettes brought to commercial life with depth and volume.

The more intimate middle section introduces innovations in accessories and shoes, jewellery and bags, building to a crescendo of creativity and colour. The final majestic movement features dominant destinations such as denim and jeggings, chino pants and fashion essentials.

With such an impressive and ready repertoire it’s difficult to see how Stratford could possibly be a Stradivarius solo performance, with tickets sure to sell out in seconds.

Plat it again, Stratford…

stradavarius-impresario-destination-jeggings-display stradavarius-impresario-sprawling-signature-tablee stradavarius-impresario-destination-denim-delights


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