As part of VM-unleashed’s 10th anniversary year we take a look back at some retail milestones from the last decade and explain why each store’s message is as relevant for us today as it was then.


The last decade has seen the rise of Primark as a tour de force in the world of value fashion as it strides from the UK and Ireland across Spain, Germany, Italy and now to the United States.

It is easy but incorrect to brand Primark as simply low prices. These it certainly has through its volume driven supply chain efficiencies however the success of Primark is about added “value” and not price.

In terms of what you get for your money, no matter how little that might be, it’s a lot – both physically and increasingly emotionally.

Primark customers recognise that the product is throwaway fashion but with a conversion rate of over 90{9a7291a7292e83c5148384adada0c82317c2655f4bcb859b5345564a4c272287} it serves an important purpose for families that are continuously growing and out-growing, as well as cash-conscious fashionistas where the disposable dynamic is an added bonus.

Recent years have seen the important growth of the emotional collateral of Primark, with constant improvement, enhancement and adornment to its product, the growth of Primania its extra-ordinary online self-publicity machine, improvements in branding, labelling and packaging, a new energy in visual merchandising and now with a voracious appetite to create some of the most stand-out physical stores across the globe.

Primark is not for everyone, however for the many customers whose loyalty it commands it represents not just incredible value but a statement to be proud of, a brand to be shown-off not hidden away.

Ladies & gentlemen…enter Primark.
European Retail Store of the Year no less.


“Take a trip down Gran Via in Madrid, and you cannot fail to notice the extraordinary new flagship store from Primark.

Follow the Latin crowds of brown paper bag purchasers through the dramatic entrance and catch your breath as you enter the central atrium with its staggering vistas up through the multiple balconies and into the dome of the heavens, the pinnacle of Primark’s pre-eminence.

The latest collaboration between the retailer and Dalziel & Pow takes the recognisable departments literally to new heights with new retail twists and turns, mannequin displays and graphic enterprise. However amongst the familiar faces are some new areas of interest and innovation.

The online phenomenon of Primania takes centre stage on ground zero bringing together the hottest trending outfits and combinations, bringing Primark & Primania into prime space.

The other notable addition is the introduction of the “Primarket” selling impulse purchases removed from the fashion core but hugely appealing to the price, conscious, cool fashionista selling everything from stationery to sweets, containers to confectionery.

Truly a setting for a retail royal, Primark takes its place at the highest table of modern retail.”

primark-primadonna-spaceship-landing primark-primadonna-mannequin-magic primark-primadonna-grandest-via


Are you an established retailer destination that has lost its place, its proposition and its value for the customer?

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