There are many magical corners of the Selfridges supersized store to admire and marvel at, to lose yourself in an exploration of a wondrous assortment from traditional classics to outrageous innovation.


In the basement bowels of the lower ground floor through the avenue of travel accessories, luggage and literature is a gem of a department for anyone with an eye for imagination and an ear for entertainment.

Focal point of the headphone area is an overturned mini, masquerading as a DNA display case, but the theatre only amplifies further inside this aural arena with oversized headphones fit for a giant, and a dazzling array of digital interaction and education.

The proliferation of the iPod into an endless choice of entertainment portals and music machines, has energized a revolution of the headphone market from the mobile demands of the urban traveler to the sedate sophistication of the opera aficionado.

Selfridges has responded in kind with a clever combination of authority and inspiration, lining the walls with an enviable range of recognised and unique brands each with its own dedicated digital display to engage and inspire, with full interaction to hook up the available options to the music source of your choice. The larger hero brands literally take centre stage in a celebration of audio expertise.

As always Selfridges makes a big noise in every market it enters, selecting and presenting in perfect harmony for its savvy, discerning clientele.

selfridges-sonic-showcase-mobile-entertainment selfridges-sonic-showcase-monster-sounds selfridges-sonic-showcase-wall-of-sound

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