Soho Alive & Kicking: The Jimi Hendrix Pop-up Experience

As part of VM-unleashed’s 10th anniversary year we take a look back at some retail milestones from the last decade and explain why each store’s message is as relevant for us today as it was then.


Two big themes of the decade were epitomised by the second coming of Jim Hendrix to Carnaby Street.

Firstly the advent of the “Pop-up” shop. Now everyone’s favourite vehicle for testing out new product launches and brand marketing initiatives, made official and commercial by a growing number of temporary store property agents, it’s not so long ago that this phenomenum was only a tiny glint in the eye of the retail disruptor storm.

Secondly the regeneration of retail locations. Still a huge problem for town centres and high streets nationwide, the re-energising of areas such as Soho, Shoreditch and Marylebone High Street, through commercial and community collaboration promises to be remain one of the hot retail issues well into the future.

Ladies & gentlemen…Jimi Hendrix


“Soho returning to its roots as the 21st Century Jimi Hendrix experience returns to its streets, for a few weeks at least, with the Jimi Hendrix Pop-up

“People, Hell & Angels” is the latest and most authentic posthumous album from the 60′s guitar hero. And to launch the album a unique Pop-up shop has arrived just off Carnaby Street, in a music launch that captures the life & spirit of that bygone, psychadelic age.

The store is home to the entire Hendrix catalogue collection, merchandise and memorabilia, but to really soak up the Hendrix experience visit the basement. Here Fender, the instrument of choice for the guitar great, has taken its home for 2 weeks, displaying its range of guitars, with hourly masterclasses on re-creating the Hendrix sound for any budding guitar greats.

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Look out for more retail milestones as our 10th anniversary year continues.