Sevillisation: Terminal Transformations & New Millennium Markets

Urban regeneration can sometimes be unemotional terminology for some of the most exciting enterprises across retail and leisure. Never more the case in the variety of schemes bringing vigour, life and energy to the revitalised heart of the Andalucian capital.


In response to the ever-changing commercial and industrial landscape Seville is now home to centres of social rebirth, magnets for a wide variety of its resident population and transient tourists. Within a kilometre of each other the old railway station no longer receives locomotives but leisure seekers and commodity shoppers alike, whilst the Barranco riverside market has been transformed into a dynamic hub for the city’s sophisticates and culinary officianados.

The station rejoices in its glorious history cast in steel and iron, beautifying its smokey brickwork into a cavern of entertainment with impulse market stores and the mercurial Mercadona nestling beneath the mazzanine magnificence of its suspended cinematic centrepiece. For any budget, everyday essentials and entertainment combined.

In contrast the Mercato Barranco is decidedly directed at the well-heeled and wealthier patron with its carefully constructed collection of champagne bars, seafood salons, specialist culinary creators and craftsmen of cakes, canapes and chocolate celebrations. The perfect setting for corporate events and high class collaborations brands such as Mercedeas and Mont Blanc all contribute to the sophisticated handwriting of this dynamic destination.

Instead of allowing the edifices of yesteryear to gather dust and dereliction, they now collect acclamation and patronage from a new generation of citizens living in a revitalised and relevant Seville.

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Are you using retail and food to revitalise your social areas?

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