John Varvatos, with its synonymous synergy between fashion and rock and roll, replicates its Bowery NYC formula in the more sedate streets of Central London. Conduit Street adjacent to Regent Street is the venue of choice for a three floor flagship store combining all the elements of the US menswear designer’s collection, from lofty formal wear through to underground trend.



The basement brings the Bowery to European life for the first time replicating the authenticity of East Side Manhattan with an environment adorned with Rock ‘n’ Roll memorabilia, punk posters, album artwork and tour de force t-shirts with a spectacular guilt edge display of celebrity guitars. Integrated digital screens effectively enliven the atmosphere harmonising in turn with the holistic ambiance of this rock ‘n’ roll renovation.

Centre stage, an area for live bands both A-list and local already plays host to regular shows following in the frenzied footsteps of the opening night Hives, whilst in quieter more commercial moments the collector’s vinyl music store adds its own incandescent beat to every minute of another fashion week.

The ground floor is groomed for the mainstream casual customer, enhanced with the more classic accompaniment of a “hall of fame” signed picture wall, an introduction to the inspiration behind the brand, an appetiser for the adrenaline rush below.

And the upper floor of suits and suitable accessories for office and occasions sits remotely unaware of its basements roots, a spotlight gantry ceiling the only reflection of the beat that lays below.

A venue of choice for the fashion male, John Varvatos proves to be a new driving rhythm for the musical inclined, harmonising in perfect tune a common theatrical fashion thread from New York to Old London Town.

varvatos-venue-guitar-heroes varvatos-venue-fashion-wall-of-fame varvatos-venue-casual-collective


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