Power Player: Reebok Reefreshed, Reenergised


Reebok active mannequins

Hot on the Heels of Athleta, Reebok unveils its urban equivalent…


a hub for staying fit and fired in the hectic haze of modern life. the collection is focused and fashionable but overall highly functional for the street, the gym or the court, building on Reeboks heritage as one of the pioneers of performance sportswear.

Centrepiece of the store is the activity wall with clubs, training and personal fitness management, whilst footwear walls take centre stage in both mens and womenswear.

This store feels friendly, intimate and inviting, filled with invention and incentive for a fitter, fulfilled future.


Reebok Workout Wall  Reebok Members Wall  Reebok footwear wall

The customer engagement and experience is essential to loyalty to a brand and a store.
Reebok reflects this retailer obsession with involvement where the product and the lifestyle come together.

Are there ways that your brand, your product and essentially your stores can create a lifestyle experience for your customers, keeping them happy and loyal?

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