In a Barcelona backstreet no wider than a hospital cubicle, Happy Pills provides the confectionary cure for tired tourists and sickly shoppers.


An antidote for a sterile sweet sector, Happy Pills combines a cute brand, acid whit, pristine packaging and a whole new perspective on pic ‘n’ mix. The passing pedestrian can see this is no ordinary offer, as the window decal lists its ingredients as Ho Ho Ho, I Love Barcelona and extract of John Cleese.

Making up the numbers is not what Happy does, rather growing its percentage of proud and loyal patrons spreading the word and passing the pills.

The formula is simple. Select one of a number of different sized capsules and fill it with your favourite things. Seal it with love and sticker it with a selection of novelty names, fondant fondnesses or seasonal greetings, to make it your very own personalised pharmasuckable.

As with all great things, the concept is simple. As with all successful things the subtlety of touch, the power of the proposition and the delivery of a distinct idea is what makes Happy Pills the first destination for a sugar coated cure for every condition.

happy-pills-emergency-wall-pic-n-mix happy-pills-cubicle-proposition happy-pills-perfect-packaging

Has your brand lost its cutting edge, its reason to be different?

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We have worked with a variety of brand and retailers helping to define the brand proposition and then deliver it consistently across store and online channels, through product & packaging, display and customer service.

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