Monsoon and Accessorize, although long time co-inhabitants of the same family home, have rarely and inconsistently been seen out in public together.



However lifestyle changes and a move towards the evolution of an intimate third place for women have resulted in a more common and strategic crossing of paths, with not only shared store space but a single and a more powerful customer proposition.

Celebrating the home as a private space, a place for leisure, relaxation and contemplation the advent and evolution of loungewear, homewear, resort wear, crossing the boundaries between nightwear and outerwear has brought together the warmth and comfort of knitwear, cashmeres and loose cottons with the indulgence of intimate accessories.
In the wake of this gentle revolution the emotional walls between assortment categorisation, and the physical walls of shop departmental planning have both come tumbling down.

Monsoon’s modernised spaces are open and inviting leading the customer from seasonal sweaters and winter warmth through an embracing central sanctuary of ever-present softness to the final temptation of accessories heaven, in a journey as seamless as the passing hours of a perfect day.

A significant commercial response to a subtle lifestyle change heralds in a new daywear dawn for both Monsoon & Accessorize.


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