Microsoft Moves: New Windows on the Retail World

There are many rhymes and reasons why brands become retailers, and the buyout of Nokia by Microsoft and the rebranding of the phone hardware has given the software giant an interesting opportunity to develop a physical store presence.



Former Nokia stores are being more than rebranded but developed afresh to deliver the Microsoft windows offline presence. Visually the modular interface of the latest windows platform has been used intelligently and vibrantly as the graphic glue to create coordination between Lumia phone displays, tablets and laptop presentations and the integrated virtues of the cross-platform windows.

And whilst the main driver of foot traffic is still the Lumia phone and the variety of competitive tariffs the customer service personnel help customers with questions and problems regarding Windows itself. Whether Windows will ever break free from the space constrictions of the small Nokia footprint to present a supersized showcase linking technology with devices, supported by dedicated service in the model of apple, remains to be seen, but the latest venture certainly brings the proposition a little closer and the remoteness of the brand into the physical world of it countless customer.

Watch this space through new windows.


microsoft-retail-thru-new-windows microsoft-mobile-windowshopping microsoft-server-to-service

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