As part of VM-unleashed’s 10th anniversary year we take a look back at some retail milestones from the last decade and explain why each store’s message is as relevant for us today as it was then.


TK Maxx is now so central to so many customers’ buying plans that it’s difficult to remember the huge strides it has taken over the recent decade to propel its proposition into the mainstream and its results into the realms of high street fashion fantasy land.


It’s original UK arrival was so American and nothing like we had seen before. It was a market place, a jumble sale of last seasons second rate brands, displayed on endless steel rails in an anonymous and unfamiliar way that required true commitment from a not so patient fashion customer.

But as with true brands it had that rarity – a “unique proposition,” essential in a very crowded market. And believing in itself it developed that proposition with refinement and intelligence to build the destination status that it now commands.

Equally it has never been afraid to create enemies, those who would never cross its doorways, as it worked tirelessly to make the bond stronger with those that immediately fell in love with it, and those that have been converted since.

The opening of stores in Central London and in large centres such as Westfield followed an evolution of the assortment that saw it change from an array of lesser-known labels into one which now contains desirable brands at all levels.

Protecting the heart of the proposition, the completely random “Aladdin’s cave of the unexpected” TK Maxx has supported this with an array of well known brands and categories always available, whilst the display by category and size has been refined to create focal assortments by fashion position, end-use and brand level enabling customers to have an easier and more enjoyable shopping experience, and allowing a strategic store grading programme to be developed.

And so TX Maxx has survived.

Essentially “It is what it is!” however importantly “It isn’t what it was!”

Re-visit the arrival of TK Maxx into Covent Garden…



On the back of surging sales, TK Maxx plots its path to bargain brand domination with a central London flagship store in the heart of fashionista Covent Garden.

The selected assortment tailors to the trendy and the cash-strapped coveters of current labels. New to this store is the Goldlabel departments where only the very best premium brands rub shoulders literally with each other.

GoldLabel revels in an upscale store design with graphic wall bays, low density VM and vintage rails, whilst the whole store stands in splendid glory on wooden floors and bathes in the glow of intimate spotlighting.

Familiar to many, accessible to all and now attractive to a whole new demographic doyen “


TK-Maxximum-edited-assortments TK-Maxximum-potential-golded-times-labelled-with-love TK-Maxximum-potential-new-neighbours


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