Stylish and socially sophisticated Max&Co still packs a huge punch of personality into every meticulously planned meter of its store experience.


A warm welcome from manicured mannequins with lipstick, lashes and a coy curiosity immediately alerts any casual customer that this lady of the more fashionable lanes offers a lifestyle proposition both feminine, fashionable and fun.

The store design from top to bottom communicates an individualistic tone of voice from the spindle legs of its fixtures and furniture, the lazy lamps that splash light across displays, the beautifully crafted oval mirrors, the porcelain owls and swifts that sail across the high walls and the precise and precious use of different floor materials and patterns to take the customer on her journey of delight.

Awaiting in this setting, expertly constructed silhouettes and colour themes to suit any admirer on  any occasion from casual excursions to formal functionality, each brought to beautiful life through the aforementioned array of amenable mannequins.

It is possible to be both sophisticated and accessible, both a stylish and street-wise brand by communicating with a human touch, handled with care and caressed with personality and accessibility.

MaxandCo-feelgood-environment MaxandCo-mirror-moments MaxandCo-the-grand-tour


Are you using every detail of your store to deliver your brand personality?

Are you clear as to which elements of your brand are priorities to communicate?

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