Passion Fruit: Lululemon Squeezing Life to the Full

Shops don’t just sell and retailers don’t just retail in the passionate world of modern consumer brands.



Talking the talk has moved to walking the walk and now to  dreaming the dream, where assortment and retail store portfolios are simply the essential baggage required for living the life of the brand.

Yoga inspired Lululemon is literally helping to turn the retail experience on its head. Inspired by a love of fitness technically driven specialist clothing has been developed in a clamour to escape from a world of clinging cotton and the tracksuit turmoil of traditional training. Disinterested staff have been reborn as brand ambassadors with fulfilling lives flirting between classes, blogging, teaching and inspiring inside the ideology that embraces Lululemon stores.

Witness an environment with changing rooms for engaging in exercise not trying on clothes, a water fountain for hydrating the body as well as the soul, and an adrenaline buzz that promises to perform something that scares you each day.

Rest assured, life is safe and fulfilling inside the holistic home that is Lululemon.


lululemon-changing-lives lululemon-fountaiin-of-fitness lululemon-inspiring-environments

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