There may be devil in the detail but the rewards will definitely come well before heaven.



Value retailing continues to expand its expertise and grow competence in areas traditionally well outside its remit. Lefties leads the Iberian pack with expert enhancements that press all the added-value buttons, seams, adornments, tickets and labels.

Key to its new found capabilities Lefties has recognised and analysed the add-value hierarchy that makes it’s customers weak at the knees and falling over backwards to buy its bargain lines. In essence Lefties wastes no time, effort and investment in details that simply don’t matter in the value stakes, but knows from experience what ticks the ROI boxes.

Product labels are the current show stoppers adding a selection of sub-brand identities from the urban to the sophisticated, from the New England outdoors to the Old England indoors.

No more Lefties labels for forward thinking fashionistas, but a world of inspirations, carefully labelled with love.


lefties-labelling-1993 lefties-labelling-atlantic-fishes lefties-labelling-street-crew


VM-unleashed has worked with a variety of retailers identifying added-value drivers across their assortments, ensuring that investment in product is matched by return…