Varvatos Momentus : A Genus Genius

New York is awash with John Varvatos, from Converse collaborations to the distressed corners of Bloomingdales.


However on the eastside of the city discover the brand in its natural habitat lurking to surprise anyone passing The Bowery. The store is a temple to Rock ‘n’ Roll evoking the steamy atmospheres of underground clubs and crowded all night venues. The poster strewn walls evoke the great bands, reminiscing about historic improvised concerts and chance meetings with the hall of fame.

The store itself transforms into a venue with an intimate stage, set off with discarded instruments and the moodiest of lighting.

varvatos-distressed-display  varvatos-led-zeppelin  varvatos-poster-art

Is your heritage shining through the dust of the years?

One Comment:

  1. I have to say that the absurdity of John Varvatos thinking his line is appropriate in the former CBGB’s aligns perfectly with the chasm between so many retail “geniuses” and social reality. True punk-rock ,or just music fans are aghast at store’s presence.
    If Original Levi’s,or Original Converse { not the Varvatos yuppie version},or Vivian Westwood,or Malcom McClaren,or Schott motor-cycle jackets, or some young ,cutting EDGE “punk” designer had moved in,it would have been a tremendous marriage,and taken serious. Instead it comes off as silly and opportunistic { but not even a good opportunity}.The visuals are fun , but could have been more out-rageous and PUNKROCK if the clothing wasn’t over-priced ,bland sportswear for lawyers.
    Another “genius ” marketing strategy by a clue-less out-sider.VIVA LA ROCK !!!!

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