Italian cuisine has always travelled well, but its global reach and reputation has been taken to new levels of excellence by the Eataly concept, combining its prestigious packaged products and finest fresh fayre with a variety of eateries from formal restaurants, to pizzerias and casual coffee bars.

From New York to the New East it continues to evolve and engage.



Its latest incarnation comes home to Milan, to the heart of Italy and to its toughest test of quality and authenticity. However, the perpetual buzz of excitement, the packed aisles, the constant queues in anticipation for anti-pasta tell the story of a concept welcomed home with open arms and empty stomachs.

What Eataly has achieved is to bring to glorious gastronomic life the world of Italian food in a way that even Italians have never seen with such fervour, such passion and energy. This homage to home recipes and tradition is delivered over several floors around an open central atrium.

The shell of the building is home to theatrically created stalls and store scenarios from bakeries, to patisseries, breweries to pasta kitchens. Each area uses this magnetic core of interaction, engagement and entertainment to develop departments of ingredients and produce. Walls of running chocolate inspire sales of pastries, exhibitions of spaghetti sculpting encourage purchases of the perfectly packaged pasta shapes, butchers and fishmongers execute their trade in front of live audiences of lobsters and langoustines.

This is retail theatre at its most engaging, culinary connection at its most commercial, and wherever Eataly choses to extend its empire there’s always something to see and taste that is never far from home.

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