Fossilisation: A Personal Investment

Far from remaining in the history of time, Fossil’s latest incarnation inhabits the modern world of customisation and personalisation, with new products, new services and a whole new store with a clear focus on the “his” & “hers.” An investment in individual identity.



Most noticeable in the latest concept is the introduction of the “Personalisation Shop” offering instant satisfaction on a range of services from accessories embossing, monograms, engraving, personal charms and the customisation of watches with colours across straps, casing materials and face details. A chronological funfair with a definite fanfare.

The store merchandising is transformed, adopting a freer more fashionable approach with marionette dummies mingling with texture display boards featuring heroes for the “hims” & “hers” in your life. Watches themselves take a more focused location allowing the collections of bags, wallets and all-things fundamentally leather to catch the fashion eye.

Fossil’s new Smart watch Q takes centre stage as it unfurls its dual features of forwarding new technology and lifestyle functionality with the possibility of promoting personalisation. Historical origins do exist through the classic tin wall display given new life and sparkle with spotlight showcasing but this is a proposition for the future individual, stepping proudly but purposely from the depths of another time.


Many retailers are making their mark with the inclusion of customisation and personalisation in their proposition, taking iconic essentials and maximising their potential as super-best seller stellar performers.

Making more of less to leverage efficiency in the assortment and profit from tight purse-strings.

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VM-unleashed advises brands and retailers strategically on new opportunities both in the product proposition and the personalisation and presentation to core, occasional and new customer groups.

Is personalisation an opportunity for you?

Is your customers’ identity the key to your own?

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