Fat Face Blossoms: The Brand Next Door becomes a thing of Beauty

As brands are born and breathe into life, they experience the growing pains that often make them appear unattractive and awkward in public, a sum of evolving parts learning to live together, to be a thing of beauty and harmony.

There are always traits to admire, details to delight but the sum of the parts don’t add up to the final answer.



And then everything falls into place, and a proposition powerful and compelling emerges into the limelight, turning heads and drawing breaths of admiration.

Fat Face has come of age. Mature and confident the new incarnation looks so comfortable in its skin it is hard to imagine its evolution from a world of basic beachwear and summer sweatshirts.

The new store concept is creative and expertly crafted evoking the brands outdoor heritage but with a new sophistication and attention to design detail. The branding and graphics, presented with an apparently carefree casualness belie the expert execution, the sumptuous settings and atmospheric tones of the muted photographic treatments.

However the inner strength of Fat Face is drawn from the product development, the evolution from an inconsistent assortment of familiar favourites into a series of perfectly constructed product collections. Variety is the spice of Fat Face life as each wall story bursts with perfect density, as creative themes with rhythm and life, powerful categories with authority and order, fusions of fashion pieces and accessories and casual coordination of seasonal stalwarts with new edge and purpose.

Each display is a perfect cameo, a confident statement and an invitation to indulge.

With beauty comes popularity, and commercial success, and Fat Face’s new-found fashion standing will surely see it smiling from year to year…


fat-face-fluorishes-cascades-of-coordination fat-face-fluorishes-seasonal-skinny fat-face-fluorishes-high-rise-harmony


Where is your brand on the path to maturity?

Are you addressing the parts of your proposition that remain stubborn and awkward in public?


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